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Worlds Away Art Decor Board

Regular price $2,499.00

This beautiful decor surfboard is such a compliment to any wall in your home, office or retail location. The inspiration for the artwork came from henna designs and is hand painted by Hansni in full elaborate detail. The art is matte gold with minor highlights done in silver on an ombre board with navy rails and a high gloss finish. The size of the board is a 6.5-foot mini longboard. No two boards come out the same as they are 100% handmade, and yes this is a real surfboard. 

Remember, all our boards are hand-painted and no two boards come out exactly alike! The delivery timeframe for this custom item is 6-8 weeks. Global shipping available.

Customize It! 
Do you love this board style but want to see it in another color, size or branded with your own logo? We can customize to any design specifications. Contact us here.

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