• Introducing Our Newest Shower... The Sole Surfboard Shower

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    We are so excited to introduce the Sole Surfboard Shower, a completely new shower design that you won't find anywhere else and is completely original to Strand Boards! This shower is for those that don't need hot and cold water lines. It is super chic and seamless, it makes rinsing the kids, dogs, etc. an absolute breeze. The surfboard is a high gloss finish with colors in yellow and light blue.

    Our outdoor surfboard shower design is modern yet classic and has so many great features listed below:

    ⇢ All copper plumbing is integrated into the board
    Cold water line only
    ⇢ Handheld shower offers dual function shower head and foot 
    ⇢ No plumber required to install
    ⇢ Water efficient
    ⇢ High-end shower 

    ⇢ Mounting hardware and connection hoses, or connect to you water hose
    ⇢ Individually handcrafted
    ⇢ Personalize your surfboard shower with a 
    name (for an additional cost)
    ⇢ Structure mount or stand-alone
    ⇢ Hang it up, connect your water source and you're showering 
    in no time!

    Additional Options Available:

    ⇢ Marine grade steel

    After placing your order we will contact you to finalize details. Due to the hand painted nature of this item colors may vary slightly. Upon check out buyer agrees to 
    Purchase Terms.
    Time frame is 4-6 weeks. Questions? 
    Are you in Southern California? Please contact us directly for delivery information.
    We ship globally! Want to change a color? Contact us.