A Surfboard Shower? Meet the Inventor of the Next Must-Have Item

A Surfboard Shower? Meet the Inventor of the Next Must-Have Item

A Surfboard Shower? Meet the Inventor of the Next Must-Have Item

Hans Thadhani Launched Strand Boards With Families in Mind

Written By: Rebecca Grazier
Photographed By: Dominick Chavez  

Expert: Hans Thadhani
Credentials: Founder of Strand Boards

Q: The surfboard shower is so unique. What inspired you to create it?

Hans Thadhani: Strand Boards were born out of a need. We live close to the beach and we were remodeling our home. With three kids under five, we wanted a water play feature for the days we didn’t want to go to the beach. For the days we did go to the beach, we wanted a place to wash the sand off before coming inside. Lastly, we wanted to bring the beach vibe home and what better way to do that than with a surfboard? We thought ‘surely someone makes these?’ But we didn’t like anything we saw out in the market quality or looks wise. We made a shower exactly to our liking and specifications. Enter Strand Boards!

Q: What other products do you have available?

HT: Strand Boards has since expanded into making other items out of boards from surfboard chandeliers, decor boards to surfboard furniture.

Q: What goes into creating a surfboard shower? Where is the best place to set one up in the home?

HT: Since we incorporate the plumbing into all the showers, this makes for a nice clean back of the surfboard. It then gets a special process of layers which is why we are able to offer customization of colors and naming your board. We then ask our clients if they want to mount it to their structure or make it a stand-alone feature. It’s actually very simple to mount and we send you instructions and the hardware too! So really the best place to set up a surfboard shower is really up to the client. It could be as simple as using a hose if you don’t have access to hot and cold water lines.

On the Horizon: Strand Boards will be expanding their art showers and will be coming out with new designs very soon!

What’s in a Name? Hans chose the name Strand because it means the land bordering the sea, shore and beach.

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