Our Story

The ocean stirs the heart, inspires the imagination and brings eternal joy to the soul.
— Wyland

My love for the ocean is how we got started. Strand Boards® was born out of a need. We live close to the beach and were remodeling our home. With three kids under 5, we wanted a water play feature for the days we didn’t want to go to the beach. For the days we did go, we wanted a place to wash the sand off before coming inside. Lastly, we wanted to bring the beach vibe home and what better way to do that than with a surfboard. And so the surfboard shower idea was born. To our surprise finding a surfboard shower was harder than we thought and we didn’t like anything we saw in the market quality wise. We went on to make a shower precisely to our liking and specifications. Pretty soon friends were saying “I want one” and we knew others would too.

Enter Strand Boards®! We chose the name Strand because it means the land bordering the sea, shore, beach. Our showers are entirely original in that you can’t find them anywhere with the plumbing integrated inside the surfboard (patent pending). In the short time Strand Boards® has been around, we’ve expanded into making other items such as surfboard chandeliers, decor boards, and surfboard furniture. All our products are handmade, hand shaped, hand painted and made right here in the sunny South Bay. This is really important when curating a one of a kind piece that is customized to each client and their needs. We were our own very first customer and knew others would love and appreciate the process of customization too.


Strand Boards donates to ocean-friendly causes. We are big fans of the work done by Heal the Bay.