The ocean stirs the heart, inspires the imagination and brings eternal joy to the soul. -Wyland

Our Mission: To feel and inspire the love of the sea, sun, and sand through our surfboard pieces.

About Strand Boards®: 

My love for the sea is the inspiration for Strand Boards®, but the origination of our surfboard showers resulted from a need. Five years ago, my family was renovating our home in Manhattan Beach, CA. As ocean lovers with two little beginner surfers, we needed an outdoor shower to rinse off the sand and that could withstand the wear of tear of three kids under five. And of course, we wanted to bring the beach vibe to our home in a playful way. Our solution: a surfboard shower. 

Turns out, surfboard showers weren’t a thing. At least not with the quality, style, and durability we were looking for. So we made our own using a real surfboard with the exact design we were looking for and top-notch plumbing. Pretty soon, our friends were saying, “I want one,” and we knew others would too.

And so Strand Boards® was born. Our showers are entirely original - Strand Boards®  is the sole surfboard shower with plumbing integrated inside the board. In the short time Strand Boards® has been around, we’ve also expanded into making other items like chandeliers, decorative boards, and furniture . All our products are hand-shaped, hand-painted, and handcrafted right here in the sunny South Bay. It has always been important for us to stay local. Because we create one-of-a-kind custom pieces, we know production is smoother and higher-quality when close to home. Each board is a functional piece of artwork, a beautiful marriage of design and function. 

Strand Boards is dedicated to ocean health and sustainability. We donate a portion of our profits each year to Heal the Bay and 4Ocean.