Hermosa Beach

Hermosa Beach

The South Bay, a small collection of beach cities south of LAX, boasts a rich surf history. It’s the home of Dale Velzy, the Meistrell brothers of Body Glove, and among one of many Californian cities that claims to be the first waves that surf legend Duke Kahanamoku caught when he came to the mainland from Hawaii. 

Strand Board founder Hansni Thadhani made the South Bay her home and the birthplace of her company. Each city that makes up the South Bay is a little different. If there were a family, Torrance would be the parents - the inland hub that holds everyone together. 

Redondo Beach would be a set of fraternal twins - South Redondo the thrill-seeking, beachy one while North Redondo preferring stability and quiet. 

Manhattan Beach is the kid that goes to Harvard and grows up to be a proper professional. 

Hermosa is the edgy kid that takes a gap year and travels the world, maybe joining the Peace Corps or eloping with a fellow expatriate, and then goes to Berkeley and gets a more obscure entrepreneurial job. Or maybe opts for a professional beach volleyball career instead. 

It’s the laid back, relaxing, calm vibe you want from a small SoCal town. You find fun at every corner from the entertainment-packed pier to South Park with the family. Most every store is a mom an pop shop, a local eatery or business that’s been around for decades. There’s a fireplace and mailbox store - that’s all they sell. And they’ve survived on one of the busiest streets in the city forever. 

Hermosa is simple yet lovely, classic and chic. That’s what inspired the Hermosa Board. She’s made of balsa wood, a classic surfboard material. We’ve left her bare and natural, displaying every gorgeous and unique grain line. For a pop of color and fun - as is only apropo for a Hermosa-inspired piece of art - we’ve added two Kelly green stripes. 

This board is perfect for any classic surf enthusiast, any Hermosa Beach fan, or anyone that values fun, adventure, and edge. 

Written By Kim Smith