New Product Launch. Meet the New Swell Series by Strand Boards

New Product Launch. Meet the New Swell Series by Strand Boards

Strand Boards was founded on a few key concepts - style, luxury, function, and love of the ocean. These core ideas exist today, providing a foundation for all we do. But now we’re reimagining the manifestation of them.

Introducing the Strand Boards Swell Series - a more affordable model of our original surfboard showers. With only a few choice modifications, we’ve reduced the price by more than 60 percent. We want all thalassophiles and surfers to have their dream outdoor shower.

Strand Boards Woodsy Outdoor Surfboard Shower

Strand Boards Founder Hansni Thadhani dreamed up the Swell Series as a solution to needs she observed within her customer base. “Clients have been asking for a shower that isn’t so pricey,” she says, “but still has our quality and coolness, and I love what we’ve come up with to serve those requests.”

While our classic Strand Board showers are made from authentic surfboards, we craft the Swell Series from a high-tech molded resin. This cuts the price by more than half without sacrificing durability. The Swell Series also features identical wall or pole mounts and foot rinses, two innovations we couldn’t omit from our new line. 

Strand Boards Sunburst Outdoor Surfboard Shower

Though the Swell Series isn’t customizable, three vetted and classic designs with four color options offer plenty of style options. These local Southern California factory-made boards provide faster shipping and fewer decisions to make, perfect for homeowners and designers looking for ease and quick turnaround time.

Continuing in our signature style of marrying surf and shower, this new line of surfboard showers mirrors its predecessor. “There is no question about how we started and the beauty of customizing just about everything on the Strand Series,” Hansni says. “But I love how we have evolved with bringing Swell Series to the marketplace.” Our original customizable hand-crafted fiberglass boards inspired the size, colors, designs, and component quality of the Swell Series.

And we don’t sacrifice one bit on those components. Both models boast fully integrated and internal Type-L premium Copper plumbing and deluxe hot/cold water valves for maximum style and function. This new generation of stunning yet affordable showers is built to last. Our Swell Series skimps on nothing - from the super-tough resin to the three gorgeous designs.

Customers can expect the same durability and function from the Swell Series as they’ve come to expect from the Strand Custom Series. You’re just a few clicks away from your own practical piece of artwork.

Order yours today!

Strand Boards Hibiscus Outdoor Surfboard Shower