This Isn’t a Surfboard, It’s a $2,900 Shower

This Isn’t a Surfboard, It’s a $2,900 Shower

I’m all for surf decor around the home. To a reasonable point. I get it, when the ocean is right down the road we all want to bring a little bit of it back with us. Hang a lineup shot, a sunset photo or a clever beachy knick knack on the walls as a friendly reminder to yourself that you’re living the dream.

Or, you could just take it all as far as possible with something like a shower…a shower that’s actually a surfboard. Or maybe it’s the other way around.

Enter Strand Boards, a Manhattan Beach based maker of beach and surf themed home decor, using surfboards as showers. And no, these aren’t those cheap cuts of foam and fiberglass made to look like surfboards hanging on the walls of your local Sharkeez (there’s another gratuitious South Bay plug for you). These are actual hand shaped custom boards made by South Bay shapers before the plumbing is integrated into them.

The boards range from $1,799 to $2,899 for a balsa board/model. And if you want to spring for the “premium custom” outdoor shower you’re looking at a $3,099 addition to your home. Or quiver. I still can’t tell which one. Strand says they plan to donate a portion of their profits to ocean friendly causes, specifically Heal the Bay, which plays a huge role in the fight to keep the waters of Los Angeles as clean as possible – clean water that will pour over you through a brand new surfboard shaped shower, following a dip in the ocean. I guess they should get points for that.

It’s the circle of life. I think.