Care & Use Agreement

We pride ourselves on product quality, honesty, integrity, and unparalleled customer service. With this philosophy, we take excellent care of every customer and help in creating that perfect piece.

Strand Boards is not responsible for compliance with local city and building codes. It is solely up to the purchaser to determine these rules and comply with them. All our items are handmade and hand painted, no 2 items are alike and vary, including logo placement as they are inserted by hand.

Strand Boards surfboards are handmade every board will have slight color variations. Wear and tear is natural and expected along with rusting. Proper care of the shower is required. We are in no way responsible for any damage caused by the environment, weather, seasons and or improper installation. If buyer chooses to customize the the board in any way the board is not returnable.

Buyer has three (3) days to report any issues. Items ship ready to connect to a waterline, also sent are suggested ways to mount the surfboard shower. Buyer/Institution may not reproduce, modify, adapt, or distribute our product, items or manuals in any shape or form.

Shipping is an additional cost and is not included in the price unless stated otherwise. Do not leave the shower unattended with minors. Buyer agrees to all the above at purchase.

All rights reserved. 

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