Can I have a surfboard shower customized, even the hardware? Yes absolutely! Send us a message below.

Can I have a surfboard made to go on my wall as a decor board? Yes absolutely! Send us a message below.

Are the surfboards real? 100% Yes they are! All hand shaped, hand made and hand painted right here in the South Bay.

How do I install a surfboard shower? Our showers are sent with suggested ways to be installed along with the hardware to hang or mount it. 

Do you ship outside of the USA? Yes we do! We are global. Contact us to get a shipping quote.

Is shipping to Hawaii and Alaska a different rate than the 50 major states? Yes it is, please contact us for an exact shipping quote.

Can the surfboard shower be installed in my backyard? Yes! The showers are great to put in for fun in the backyard for kids to play, to rinse off after a dip in the pool or on the side of your house after a day in the sand.

If I move can I take my shower with me? Yes absolutely. It is not permanent to the home since all our plumbing is integrated inside the board.

More questions? 
Send us a message below.