The Origination Of The Strand Surfboard Shower

The Origination Of The Strand Surfboard Shower

The origination of a surfboard shower resulted from a need. 

Five years ago, Hansni Thadhani, her husband Praveen, and their three kids under five were renovating their new home in Manhattan Beach. With stunning ocean views through the windows of their cozy beach bungalow in Manhattan Beach, CA, Hansni brought coastal vibes to their home decor with playful touches here and there. 

As ocean lovers and little surfers, the family needed an outdoor shower to rinse off the sand from their beach excursions. They also needed something that could withstand the wear and tear of three little ones. Hansni's solution: an outdoor surfboard shower. 

Turns out, surfboard showers weren't a thing. At least not with the quality, style, and durability the Thadhanis were looking for. Hansni scoured the internet for what she wanted, but nothing came close. So she manifested her dream on her own using a real surfboard, top-notch plumbing, and a local surf shop that created the exact design she was looking for.

"I like to see myself as a creative person with a business mind," Hansni says. "So combining those was really fun, and it was a whole new world." Hansni knew nothing about plumbing and very little about surfboard anatomy. She educated herself through extensive research on the best boards, what to paint and protect them with, and most importantly how to integrate plumbing inside the board. 

In 2015, Hansni created the first outdoor surfboard shower for her new home. When her family began hosting guests, everyone raved about the shower. All Hansni’s friends wanted one; her instinct indicated others would, too.

With encouragement from Praveen to "go with her gut," Hansni got a sample surfboard shower made and pitched it to local businesses and private consumers. She made a sale on her first day. Strand Boards was born. 

Hansni's surfboard showers are entirely original. Patent-pending, they're the only surfboard shower with plumbing integrated inside the board. She has also expanded into making other items like chandeliers, decorative boards, and furniture. All her products are handmade, hand-painted, easy to install, and crafted in the South Bay. They're beautiful yet functional pieces of artwork. 

Hansni is a female immigrant who doesn’t embody the stereotypical surfer, making Strand Boards even more groundbreaking. "The plumbing world is all male; the surf world is primarily male," Hansni says. "So every time I'd go into the plumbing store or the surf shop, they'd be like, 'Can I help you?' It definitely broke some barriers. People would ask, 'Ummm, wait. You're Strand Boards?' And I'd be like, 'Hey! Yes I am!’” 

Though Hansni traversed many obstacles, she’s always been up for the challenge. “It was intimidating to get into this business,” she admits. “But it's cool for my kids to watch. My daughter especially." The Thadhani kids are growing up in a home with a mom who built a creative and dynamic business from an idea; that's the kind of message she has made the norm for them. 

Written by Kim Smith